Ever Changing World Of Travel

The world of travel is definitely changing.  Every day, I get calls from travelers stuck with another cancellation or needing information on the latest COVID-19 travel requirements.  It is with sadness, that some of these people I cannot help due to their booking not being made by me but on the website of an online travel agency.  I do however apologize profusely, that my registration numbers will not match that of the booking agency so while I can’t call on your behalf and resolve any issues, I can give you some advice on what to do or say depending on the situation.

It appears that the cruise industry is delaying sailings yet again, and international land travel is restricted or has many rules such as pre-travel COVID testing before leaving and returning to the United States.  Call me, I will be happy to help you book your vacation and get you traveling during these crazy and ever-changing times.

In the meantime…here is one of my favorite travel items on Amazon. That you might want to consider purchasing before going on your next vacation.


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