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Hotels and Resorts

Almost all the resorts are along the island's southwest coast, along L.G. Smith and J.E. Irausquin boulevards, with the larger high-rise properties being farther away from Oranjestad. A few budget places are in Oranjestad itself. Since most hotel beaches are equally fabulous, it's the resort, rather than its location, that's going to be a bigger factor in how you enjoy your vacation.

Boutique Resorts: You'll find a few small resorts that offer more personal service, though not always the same level of luxury as the larger places. But smaller resorts are better suited to the natural sense of Aruban hospitality you'll find all over the island.

Large Resorts: These all-encompassing vacation destinations offer myriad dining options, casinos, shops, water-sports centers, health clubs, and car-rental desks. Many large resorts are also adding all-inclusive options or are already all-inclusive now.

Time-shares: Large time-share properties offer visitors everything needed to prepare their own meals (except for food) and have a bit more living space than in a typical resort hotel room; some also have in-room laundry equipment.


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